Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Memebox Mini #2

Memebox Mini #2

& My July Memebox discounts

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My July Affiliate Memebox Coupons
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This review is for a box I bought, I have not been given this item.
Any Memebox I review may already be sold out, but keep an eye out they do re-stock boxes.

Mini boxes and Naked Boxes are a good place to start if you're looking to try out this company.
The Naked Boxes they show you the items that are coming in your box.
Mini Boxes are a surprise.

Here is my Memebox Mini #2

Nail Art Stickers 

I received three different kinds
I plan on keeping the roses.
I will be passing on the bears to my youngest daughter.
Then passing on the lips and sayings to my collage age daughter.

Nail Therapy

These cover each finger like a mask for your nails.
It is a fun treat to pamper your nails with. 
It works great and you can still do things with them on, like typing.

Repair Plus Essential Oil

I want to love this.
 It has a long list of amazing ingredients. I just can't get past the smell. 
I am keeping this, but I own two other oils I will be using first.

CNP Labortory
Aqua Refresh Cleansing Water

This is a light cleansing water. 
It's nice to use and is going into my cleanser rotation.

Repeat Product
Here is my first review on this from back in March.

Delight Tony Tint Red 1.5ml
Full size product: 9ml ($3)

This is a lip tint. It comes in a cute bottle with a heart top.
It is described as one of the best lip tints sold in Korea. 
It instantly gives a vivid red color on your lip.
It creates a gradient lip known as "Korean Lip".
You should apply a small amount from the inside to the outside of your lip then apply your lip gloss.

I swatched my hand to see the color.
It took several washes to remove all the color from my hand, it has staying power.

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