Saturday, July 19, 2014

Memebox IOPE Boxes Deal

My Reward Point Deals:
New: July 18th

Get 10 Reward Points back if you purchase IOPE 1 or IOPE 2 
These are unboxed below so you know what your getting also! 
See Memebox website for more details. 

Go check it out at 
My Refeal Deals Page at Memebox.

* While it lasts, Memboxes often sell out. 

Memebox Says:
"What's the buzz on IOPE?
Packed with products that are formulated from state-of-the art technology and years of research and development, IOPE has proven to be a leader in beauty in not only Korea, but all across the globe! This box contains IOPE's famous Essential Skin Boosting Serum, Eye Cream, Relief Cream, Essential Face Oil, Lip and Cheek and IOPE Air Cushion! Don't miss this exclusive chance to to try all the skin and beauty benefits that these IOPE Boxes have to offer. Plus, this box has a retail value of over $325, but your friends and subscribers can grab theirs at this exclusively low price!"

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