Thursday, May 22, 2014

Memebox | Superbox - The Face Shop Review

Superbox - The Face Shop Review

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This is my review of a Memebox that is sold out. 
They often sell out of Memeboxes before they are shipped.
Occasionally they restock boxes, so if you see one you like you can check to see if it is restocked.
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The Face Shop
Lovely ME:EX Lip Tint Stick SPF 13 - Sweet Cherry 5g

I think this has excellent packaging, it is both a balm and a lip tint and looks and smells great. 
It claims to nourish, protect & plump your lips  
Use as a touch-up lip moisturizer throughout the day.

The Face Shop
Cherry-Cherry Lips Modeling Gel Patch - 1 Patch

I enjoyed this gel patch for my lips you place it on your lips for about 20 min.
It was fun to try and left my lips hydrated. 

The Face Shop
Clean- Face Oil-Free BB Cream 35ml

I still have not tried this yet. 
It remains unopened. 
I have lots of BB creams to try and still have not gotten around to sampling this. 
I am trying not to open this, so I can have a longer shelf life for this product. 

The Face Shop
Face it Nails Holiday Love Edition 6ml x 3 polishes

A nice set of polishes. I am going save these for the Christmas Holidays!

The Face Shop
Hyaluronic Acid Essentials Mask Sheet 22ml

This was a nice mask. I am still new to sheet masks. 
I keep applying them wrong and not removing all the paper layers for them.
I now love face masks and ordered a box full of different kinds to try! 

The Face Shop
Lovely ME:EX Pastel Custion Blusher - Peach Cushion 5g

Love this Product, it is so cute and a perfect color for me!
It's very light and blend nicely. 

 The Face Shop
Rice Ceramide Moisture Cream 45ml

A very nice moisturizer, I have added this into my rotation of moisturizers.
I use it at night almost like a sleep mask. Very hydrating! 

The Face Shop
Lovely ME:EX You & Eyes - Sand Brown

This is very glittery, great for holiday parties.
I will most likely use this for my girls!

* I am a Memebox affiliate and customer. 
I have not received any free items from Memebox.
These reviews are my own. I have posted Affiliate links for your use.

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