Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Memebox Affiliate

I have joined the affiliate program at MEMEBOX! 
Get 2 points for free just for joining Memebox  
Their points equal $1 US Dollar
They have promotions all the time and offer free points to use!
They also host contests on their Facebook page to win points.
I won $10 in points last month!

My May Offer: 
$3 off on every order, only for my subscribers and readers use code: OVC85Q

Current Memebox is #14 - $23 
This is a pre-order that ships on August 24. 

They also are offering a bundle deal for three months worth of Memebox.
These ship on August 24, September 24 & October 24.
Buying bundles saves on shipping: MEMEBundle: ($23 x 3)+ $6.99 = $75.99
Purchasing each Memebox separately: ($23 x 3) + ($6.99 x 3) = $89.97

Limited time offer:
They have several $15 boxes just listed.

They also have a buy 2 of one series and get 1 free Box. 
I just ordered the Scent Box 2+1 box for myself! 
These will sellout quick. Check them out!
Memebox often sells out fast, but don't worry if these offers are gone quickly.
They are always adding new boxes! There is always something new coming out!

Released Yesterday and still in stock
 Memebox from Nature - $39.00
Shipping started May 13
Ordering this box will give you 3 points to spend later.

Superbox #2 - $39.99
Restocked for the 1st 100 people to order.

* I am a Memebox affiliate and customer. 
I have not received any free items from Memebox.
These reviews are my own. I have posted Affiliate links for your use.

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