Saturday, March 8, 2014

Coming Soon: Asian Beauty Boxes

Asian Beauty Boxes

K-Pop Beauty Box  

The Asian Beauty Boxes I am looking at contain items either from Korea and/or Japan!
Many Asian skincare products are years ahead of what is available here in America. It is a multi-billion dollar industry. Many Asian drugstore brands are comparable to some higher end brands here in America. The competition there is intense. I am really looking forward to trying new brands and new products.

Q Box located in America contains beauty and other items from Japan and Korea. I signed up for an April Q Box since March was already sold out. It ships April 15th. If your interested in trying Q Box use code "J40STSD" and get $3 off your FIRST Q BOX, and you get 1 Q Point from each order placed. 
I have never tried this company, it's a new adventure for me, but I am looking forward to seeing what they have to offer. Q box also includes lifestyle items and not just beauty products. 

Another Asian beauty box I am looking forward to trying soon is K-Pop Beauty Box, they are new and are still setting up. They have a sign up list, but have not shipped any boxes yet. Now is a great time to sign up for their emails. The sample box on the webpage looks AWESOME!

Right now all my focus will be on Memebox.
Memebox contains Korean beauty products and over the last month or so I have ordered several boxes. 

Luckybox #1 Shipped March 3
Memebox #8 Ships March 25
Superbox #4 (Etude House) Ships March 25
Memebox #10 Ships April 15

I am not trying to keep up with each box they release and 
Yes, I know I got carried away, but I will have a lot to review now on my blog!

Memebox is new globally but not to Korea. They are the #1 subscription beauty company in South Korea with over 100,000 subscriptions. The global Memebox is not a subscription service at this time. They started shipping globally in Oct. 2013. You buy each box individually and many sell out very quickly. However many boxes are being released, so you will not have to wait to long for another to be released. 

Memebox has/had a great point system. In February I wrote them telling them I was referred by another blogger and who that blogger was and I was given $5 credit because I came by referral. Notice I got the credit not the blogger. At that time I got another $5 credit just for signing up. I'm not sure why but I didn't use any credits on my first order, but I immediately started saving them to buy a whole box. Since Memebox is new to shipping globally they have been making special offers (incentives) for certain boxes.

My 1st box I ordered was Luckybox #1 which goes for $23 and $6.99 shipping. It contains random assorted items picked from Memebox #1-6.2 plus a few extra items not included in those boxes. It shipped on March 5. It took a couple of days to get the tracking information. I didn't use express shipping so I could take advantage of a $5 credit offer, for using slow shipping! So my Luckybox will take 17-24 business days to get here. I am really looking forward to it. 

My second order was for Memebox#8 also came with a $5 credit offer to use slow shipping again.

My third order was Memebox #10 I cashed in my credits to order this box and payed a very small amount for shipping. 

My last order was an impulse buy made right after I banned myself from shopping. Superbox #4 came up featuring only Etude House items with a limited Edition of only 100 boxes available. I ordered one, immediately. So much for my ban. 

I'm now in holding phase, I have to say. 

Ordering boxes is like being a kid again at Christmas for me. 
I'm having the best time in this new found world. 
Sometimes companies give you sneak peek, which I love. 
I was always sneezing a peek at my presents anyway. 
Another thing I love is I get to try things I know I just would never go out and buy. 

No matter what, find something you enjoy doing and go for it. 
I'm now officially a Blogger! 

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