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Review: Sigma Beauty: Sigma Spa Brush Cleaning Glove

Sigma Beauty 
Sigma Spa Brush Cleaning Glove Review

Last December, my husband was asking what I wanted for Christmas. I was stumped, I had no idea what to ask for. There comes a time in your life where it seems like we are all just giving out gift cards to each other. So I started thinking, what are some things I would like under my tree. I came across a lot of videos on YouTube talking about Sigma Beauty and their Makeup Brushes and they looked amazing. They have quite a following within the beauty community. It was then I remembered my daughter Ana asking for the Mr. Bunny Kit of brushes. At the time, I couldn't see spending that kind of money for makeup brushes for a teenager, but she graduated high school last year and is now a college student. So like I always do, I was trying to find something to tell my husband that I wanted for Christmas and I immediately found something to buy for my daughter. Since we had already hit my daughters Christmas budget limit, I added this to her Birthday gift list and added the Essential Kit - Make Me Cool to my list the one with teal handle and colored ferrule to my Christmas list. I would be getting her a set of Brushes and for myself. While browsing the website, I came across this brush cleaning glove. It came in four colors (teal, black, pink & purple) and the teal matched the brushes I wanted, so impulsively this was added to my list. 

Sigma Spa Brush Cleaning Glove $35

Their blush cleaning glove has two textured sides and comes with a microfiber glove insert for your hands. I really like the insert and it makes it easier to clean without a mess and keeps your hand dry. I imagine without that insert your hand would get really sweaty quite quickly. I love the color its bright and makes a boring job a lot more fun. 

The cleaning process is really easy and you can use each texture zone for a complete clean.

First right in the middle of your glove is the Wash zone, just add soap and running water swirl your brush to clean. Since both sides have different textures, it is your choice which works best for the brush you are using. I found myself using the face side the most even with larger brushes. 

Second is the Rinse zone place at the top near your fingers. Sweep your brush back and forth here to get all the rest of the soap and any last makeup out of your brush.

Third is the Refine zone this is by your wrist. I didn't use this area as much, for me this was the make sure I'm done area. Just like the wash zone you swirl to check to make sure your done.

Fourth back to the Rinse zone make sure your water is running clear.

Last the Shape Zone is between your thumb and hand, pull the brush thought there to reshape your bristles on your brush and let dry. 

The brush shown is one of my older brushes that needed a good cleaning. 
It's the e.l.f. Essential Foundation Brush that sells for $1. A warning about brush handles if you pull to hard shaping your bristles between your thumb and hand you can pull off the handle of your brush, (which I did) a little bit of glue can fix that. So easy does it on your grip with the handles of your brushes.

I think this glove is a good investment, I can't see ever having a need to replace this. 
It should last a lifetime.

Tip: If you are leery of the cost you can use a silicone kitchen pot holder they are usually textured and are made of the same material. There are many kinds with different textures to choose from. You are likely to get wet using this method, but hey it is only water and whatever brush cleaner you are using. I use this one to place my curing irons and straightener on to protect my countertops. 

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